Nancy Davis has traveled a diverse career path, gaining different skills along the way. She began in the medical profession, learning the necessity of thoroughness and accuracy. Next, she became an educator where she rediscovered the joy of learning and passing on that enthusiasm to others. Following that, a Real Estate Broker, learning to appreciate diverse perspectives. She also wrote a weekly newspaper column, developing communication skills. Now Nancy is able to dedicate most of her time pursuing the desire of her heart, her primary interest since she became a Christian over 45 years ago--studying theology. She draws on all the professional skills developed through those diverse careers and applies them to the study of God's Word. This is her first book; and a second, Hidden in Plain Sight, is in the works and will be out later this year.

Rod Davis has over 30 years experience in the financial services industry, as an operations manager, investment executive, college professor, and writer. He was Instructional Designer for the college telecourse Dollar$ & Sense: Personal Finance for the 21st Century, which was awarded a commemorative Emmy Award. The program is a 26-lesson series produced by Coast Community College and KOCE-TV. He is a professor at Cerritos College and has published five books. An Introduction to the Stock Market and Investments and the companion Study Guide and Workbook are popular classroom resources on Personal Finance and Investing.

Unique Ink Press currently has its imprint on four books: An Introduction to the Stock Market and Investments and its companion Study Guide and Workbook, The Schizophrenic Gospel?, and Out on a Limerick. As far as our claim of being eclectic goes, those cover the categories of personal finance, theology, and children's literature. Forthcoming, however, we plan to release books in the categories of autobiography, philosophy,  and fantasy fiction. The next book we will publish will be an autobiographical journal, The Sisyphus Solution: My Lifelong Pursuit for an Answer to an Unsolvable Problem. Its planned release date is spring, 2018. Is that eclectic enough for you?

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