Practically Peerless

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Unique Ink Press

Out on a Limerick uses humor and memory aids to teach children 7-12 (and up) about animals. There are five chapters (92 pages) focusing on different groups of animals. What started out as a book of limericks led me into the weird world of the creatures about which I was writing. Consequently I decided to follow each limerick with a "What's the Scoop?" section. In it you'll find some unusual facts that many books don't cover about that animal. I will present information I found ironic, unusual, or extraordinary. Also, I sort through some common myths and misconceptions about the animals. If you have half as much fun reading it as I did writing it, you will need to follow some guidelines for your personal safety.


1, You must read a limerick out loud.
   Reading silently is not allowed.
   But beware, you might chuckle
   So hard you could buckle.
   So never read in a large crowd.
(Did you just violate Rule 1? Let’s try that again.)

2. If you are just playing around,
   One place you should never be found
   Is high up a tree
   With this book on your knee;
   You could find yourself flat on the ground.
(Don’t climb a tree with any book, especially this one.)

3. Like Mom always says, “Take care”.
   So sit in a well-padded chair
   With pillows all ’round
   And feet on the ground,
   Then laugh as hard as you dare.
(Helmets are optional.)